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We will be at the following events in 2016: Oct 4-5, NZACA National Conference, NZ. OSCAR Hospitality presentation ‘Can a...


Aged Care Hospitality Awards


Nominations Close 14 August 2016 for the Aged Care Hospitality National Awards (ACHA)  The aim of the OSCAR Hospitality Aged...

Treacle Pudding

OSCAR Recipe – Treacle Pudding


Treacle Pudding Serving Size: 120gms Ingredients Unit Serve 30 Serve 50 Margarine, for greasing As required Flour, plain kg 1.2...

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Healthy Bones Week 2016

August 1, 2016

Earlier this month we celebrated Healthy Bones Week. This initiative serves to highlight the importance of preserving bone mass throughout...

Storing Gluten Free

August 1, 2016

Coeliac disease may also be called gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity. It is an auto-immune disease––the body’s immune system attacks...

Corrective Action

August 1, 2016

The Food Safety program is a program which identifies, evaluates, controls and monitors hazards which are significant for food safety....



The OSCAR 3CP system produced a system for our company which closed a gap in some systems and processes in relation to the transfer of resident data which included nutrition, hydration, Allergens, Dislikes, and cultural needs. We were able to do away with hand written lists, requisition forms and post it notes. The 3CP system enables the head cook to print up to date reports in relation to resident preferences including meal and drink consistencies in real time which reflects best practice.

Brett from Island Care

As the Hospitality Manager for 24 BlueCross Aged Care facilities, it is challenging keeping up with industry changes and advancements in Aged Care Catering Services not to mention increasing customer expectations. Their innovative approach to Aged Care Catering through OSCAR 3CP, their industry knowledge and expertise has assisted greatly to ensure we meet and exceed industry standards.

Liz from BlueCross Community & Residential Services